When the Ego Finds Itself in a Crisis



Henning Schulze

Klaus Sejkora

Junfermann Verlag

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208 pages

Becoming Resilient by Using Positive Transactional Analysis

Activating the sources of resilience

In times of stress, when we suffer from a crisis ora trauma, we often experience ourselves as helpless. What happens to our psyche in such situations?

How can we influence this state? What’s the part of resilience and why is resilience often so difficult to activate?

In childhood, we learned ways to dealwith critical situations. Why aren’t they helpful anymore?

The book answers these questions by using the tools of Positive Transactional Analysis to illustrate resilience:

If we accept our helplessness and engage with the fear, hurt, sadness, anger, and shame that come with it, we can activate the sources of our resilience.

These sources are based in our identity, our autonomy, and our relationships. Using numerous case studies, personal impulses and exercises, the authors thus show the way out of the crisis towards attachment, meaning and joy.

Henning Schulze

Prof. Dr. Henning Schulze is a university lecturer at the Technical University of Deggendorf as well as a supervisor, coach and trainer, teaching supervisor and teaching coach.

Klaus Sejkora

Dr Klaus Sejkora is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in independent practice, supervisor, coach and trainer. He lives and works in Linz (Austria).
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger