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Tom Falkenstein

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224 pages

Finding your own strength
Why the world needs sensitive men

Research on the topic of high sensitivity was initiated by Elaine Aron in the 1990s. Highly sensitive persons  (HSP) show a tendency to overstimulation, sensory sensitivity and of being very emotional. On top of that highly sensitive men are also confronted with the general role cliché. These men very often suffer from their inherent temperament and are ashamed of their sensitivity.

In his book, the author examines all aspects of high sensitivity from a man’s point of view: What are the characteristics of this phenomenon? Tom Falkenstein shows that being highly sensitivity has got nothing to do with psychiatric diagnoses – and, above all, how men can deal with their own sensitivity. Numerous exercises as well as interviews with highly sensitive men who live well with their disposition show: To be less sensitive is not the goal. Men should rather appreciate their sensitivity and see it as strength.

“The book reveals why we are not only particularly affected by the current crisis of masculinity, but it also shows how we can use this crisis as an opportunity. This is an important and useful book that takes away pressure and offers practical tools. Thanks, Tom Falkenstein! ”

(Georg Parlow, author of “Zart besaitet”)

“High sensitivity is a fascinating subject that is becoming more and more popular. Tom Falkenstein’s book on highly sensitive men is an important contribution to this relatively new area. The scientific foundation of the book, based on empirical research results and the numerous practical suggestions, will help many men (and women) to better understand their high sensitivity and live in harmony with it.”

(Dr. Michael Pluess, Queen Mary University of London)

Tom Falkenstein

Tom Falkenstein lived in London. He recently moved to Berlin where he works as psychotherapist.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger