Love Skills



Linda Carroll

New World Library

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Trade paperback
320 pp.
7 x 9

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The Keys to Unlocking Lasting, Wholehearted Love

  • An incisive and insightful “couple’s workshop in a book” for navigating the challenges of relationships, whether new or long-term
  • The author’s Love Cycles program, which incorporates mindful- ness exercises, saves troubled marriages and enriches good ones
  • Shows couples step-by-step how to move from disillusionment toward decision and through to connection and understanding, using tools that deepen love and commitment

    Linda Carroll’s first book, Love Cycles: The Five Essential Stages of Lasting Love, describes the five stages of intimate relationships in detail, illuminating the behaviors associated with each stage and strategies for successfully navigating them. This companion work- book, Love Skills, is a practical guide to help readers design their own tool kit for creating and maintaining a loving relationship. Ex- ercises, activities, self-assessments, and other concrete tools allow readers to understand where they are in their relationship. Thorny issues are addressed, including the loss of sexual energy, why what once seemed endearing is now annoying, and the many ways that family history and personality type can wreak havoc in relationships. Carroll’s well-researched practices help keep love alive in the midst of seemingly intractable differences, and specific, effective solutions to couples’ most common struggles provide a clear map for moving forward. Most important, Carroll’s couple-tested techniques allow readers to deal with conflict without losing connection, and show that conflict, when navigated properly, can lead to renewed close- ness and unprecedented connection.

Linda Carroll

LINDA CARROLL, MS, is a writer, therapist, seminar leader, keynote speaker, and private coach to couples, individuals, and families. Carroll lives in Corvallis, Oregon, with her husband of thirty-five years and their Jack Russell terrier. She has five children and ten grandchildren.
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