Emotional Inflammation


Discover Your Triggers and Reclaim Your Equilibrium During Anxious Times


Lise van Susteren, MD & Stacey Colino

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Discover your unique pattern of emotional inflammation and learn how to cool down in anxious times.

If the news has you feeling anxious or outraged, you’re not alone. There is a name for this: emotional inflammation. In this book, you’ll discover a breakthrough plan for dealing with this modern affliction. General and forensic psychiatrist Dr. Lise Van Susteren joins health journalist Stacey Colino to present a program called RESTORE, which will help you discover your “reactor type” for emotional inflammation and show you how to become more grounded and resilient in turbulent times.

One of the main causes of emotional inflammation is our sense that the big issues-like climate change and political corruption-are beyond our control. With RESTORE, you’ll learn you have more power than you realize. With strategies for relieving stress, critical thinking, recovering inner composure, and reclaiming the gifts of nature, you’ll learn to transform your distress into steady calm and strength. With a relatable style and a heaping dose of hope, this book is a timely antidote for a world in turmoil.

Lise van Susteren, MD & Stacey Colino

Lise van Susteren, MD, is a psychiatrist in private practice in Washington, DC, and has served as an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Georgetown University. She is a frequent commentator or contributor for CNN, NBC, NPR, the Wall Street Journal, HuffPost, and other outlets.

Stacey Colino is an award-winning writer specializing in health and psychology. Her work appears in U.S. News & World Report, Prevention, Family Circle, Parade, and Parents. She lives in Chevy Chase, MD.
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