About us

Our literary agency was created in 1992 proposing bookrights of french, english and german publishers of non-fiction titles in the fields of body, mind and spirit which were soon completed by illustrated and fiction titles. Since then we sold over 1300 foreign rights.

Today Agence Schweiger represents 130 publishers french, german, english and other in various fields and has co-agents all over the world.


Christian Schweiger

has studied German, English and American Language and Literature. After a Masters and an M.A. degree various teaching assignments brought him to England, the USA and to France where he finally settled. After translating books from French and English into German he founded Agence Schweiger in 1992. He works and lives near Cahors in the Southwest of France (north of Toulouse and east of Bordeaux).


Didier Debord

is an author and publisher for children and teen books, but also translator of adult and children’s literature from German and English. His bibliography includes over 300 books. He spent several months in Nicaragua as a brigadist, and several more in the Moroccan Sahara to bear witness of the conflicts there. In 2005, he created a publishing house for youth: “Le Griffon bleu”. He translated among many others: Franz Kafka, K. Gröning, John Dunmore and Oliver Bottini. He is the author of several adult novels and countless books and stories for children. He joined Agence Schweiger in 2017.