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How to Make Everything Work Better the Second Time Around


Terry Gaspard

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Remarriages are harder than firsts. Discover 10 keys to success-covering sex, communication, money, step-kids, and more.

“Love may be sweeter the second (or third) time around, but once the bliss wears off, the reality of joining two distinct worlds sets in,” writes marriage and family therapist Terry Gaspard. She knows all the pitfalls and land mines. She has counseled couples for over 30 years and conducted original research, and her biogs for top websites are read and shared by hundreds of thousands. In The Remarriage Manual, Gaspard shows couples how to manage the 10 areas that most threaten second marriages.

Unfinished business with exes, pressures of dealing with debt and handling money, blending families, finding time and space for sex, managing conflict, and more can strain second marriages to the breaking point. The divorce rate is 60 percent compared to 50 percent for firsts.

The tips and tools Gaspard offers have directed countless remarried couples toward lasting happiness, including the author and her husband. The Remarriage Manual provides everything a couple needs to inspire or repair their second marriage. Therapists, divorce lawyers, and clergy will also find crucial insights for helping their clients.

Terry Gaspard

Terry Gaspard, MSW, LICSW, is a therapist, author, and college instructor. Two of Terry's research studies have been published in the Journal of Divorce & Remarriage. She blogs regularly at nine prominent websites by invitation, including, Patheos,, The Good Men Project, Divorced Moms, Divorce Magazine, and HuffPost. She lives in Rhode Island and can be found online at
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