Decoding and Understanding Body Language



Dirk W. Eilert

Junfermann Verlag

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Infos :

256 cards
22 x 15,5 cm
Many photos, illustrations and charts
More than 80 videos and audios

The complete range of non-verbal signals in one box.

Many scientific studies have shown: The more attentive we are on nonverbal signals, the easier it is for us to establish a good contact with the person we are talking to. We also will find it easier to have happier relationships and be more successful, both privately and professionally – as a coach, psychotherapist, salesperson, manager or medical doctor. Decoding body language precisely will help us to really see other people and to understand them as entire human beings.

We learn: What do nonverbal signals reveal about a person’s feelings and thoughts and about his or her personality? Is my counterpart telling the truth or am I falling for a lie?

In this card-box with 256 cards, the author describes and analyzes more than 130 non-verbal signals of facial expressions, gestures, posture, voice and speaking style – all based on current scientific studies. Since there is a widespread half-knowledge especially in the field of body language, the ten most important myths are uncovered. Interpersonal movement behavior and non-verbal expression in the digital world are also examined. All this is illustrated by color photos and videos that can be accessed on the Internet.

Dirk W. Eilert

Dirk W. Eilert is an expert for emotional intelligence and one of the leading experts on facial expression and body language in the German-speaking world. He runs his own training academy in Berlin. More information is available at and
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger