The Tree Angel Oracle


Tarots & Oracles

Fred Hageneder

Neue Erde

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160 pages + 36 cards

The Ancient Path into the Sacred Grove

➤ A repackaging of a long-established backlist title
➤ Trees as oracles and for contemplation
➤ Uniquely beautiful tree illustrations

Centuries ago, seeking advice or expressing thanks to nature would lead us into the sacred grove. Since such groves are very rare today and venerable old trees growing in peaceful surroundings are not always easy to find when we are in need, this tree oracle deck allows us to get closer to these angels on Earth.

We have all no doubt experienced feelings of comfort and security when we are close to a tree, but are we going too far by calling them ‘angels’?
Perhaps we should detach ourselves a little from the traditional image of an angel. If we understand angles as a form of energy at a higher vibration, then we can imagine that there are forms of energy that represent the genius of a tree species.

It therefore follows that trees would be condensed expressions of these geniuses, as the traditions of every culture tell us. The biblical prophet Ezekiel says that the tree of life – as well as the other trees in the Garden of Eden – ‘descended from Paradise’. This means that they have become embodied on Earth.
Fred Hageneder experiences trees as great spiritual beings and for many years refused to see them depicted in two dimensions. But in Anne Heng he found an artist who was able to portray the trees in a way that makes their inner being palpable.
Anne Heng has given visible form to the characteristics of the tree angels in an individual manner. The geniuses – the angels of the trees – are beautifully depicted on 36 cards, and the accompanying book explains their essence and sums up their oracle statement. This tree angel oracle has been allowing the trees to speak to us and invite us to inspiring meditations for more than 12 years now.

Fred Hageneder

Fred Hageneder is a harpist, graphic designer and author. He is co-founder of Friends of the Trees, a registered charity which aims to protect trees in sacred settings.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger