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Sharon McErlane

Neue Erde

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Paperback with flaps
146 x 208 mm
368 pages

Working with the Net of Light that Holds the Earth Lessons of the grandmothers Vol 2

BEST NEW RELEASE spring 2021!

➤ A continuing success story
➤ New messages from the grandmothers – exactly for our present time
➤ Descriptions of working with the Light Net and the practical consequences

The grandmothers have come, in order to make the Yin strong again on Earth. In this book, Sharon McErlane has written about many further encounters with the grandmothers and their lessons and of the work with numerous women who, meanwhile, have been working worldwide with the Light Net. In her first book A Call to Power, Sharon McErlane describes her first encounter with the “Great Council of the Grandmothers”. They are wise beings, who are effective in the spiritual world and are now actively working on enabling the power of the Feminine in the world, and bringing it back to its due importance and respect. Without this Yin, the Yang which is getting completely out of hand in our world, will destroy itself. It is the nourishing Yin, the power of the roots, which reaches down deep into the darkness and the moisture, which nourishes the network of Life and provides it with the water of life. Connecting us once more with this life-net, this light-net, and to engage in a pulsating exchange with it, will give us the strength to remain with our true selves in these times of great change. By unfolding our Love, we will unfold our power and give the World peace and harmony. This book is a source of encouragement. It is challenging women to stand up for themselves, to their greatness and to their original Being. “By taking up your place in the light net, feeling our love and allowing it to flow, the entire Life Net will become strengthened. It’s as simple as that. We plead with you, to become a constant centre of Love on Earth. Let us hold you, and while we are holding you, enjoy the love which is radiating out from you to others.” (The Grandmothers) “What is happening in your world now is testing you. All of what you have been taught and what you have experienced until now was the Yang perspective, and because you have internalized it, you want to do something. We are telling you, don’t bother about doing. Rather – be good. Be good. Be yourself and live your life rooted in the Divine. Be it.” (The Grandmothers)

Sharon McErlane

Sharon McErlane was a teacher and marriage and family guidance counsellor for more than three decades. Her work concentrated on clients and students, to give them techniques for spiritual and emotional integration which they could use to accompany them through life. She teaches shamanic journeying and travels, in order to speak to groups and to spread the message of the Grandmothers. She is married, has two grown-up children and lives with her husband and a Golden Retriever in Laguna Beach, California.
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Agence Schweiger