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Manfred Böckl

Neue Erde

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176 pages
Illustrated throughout with photography
146 x 208 mm

A journey to 30 locations of high mythological and historical significance in southern England and Wales

➤ A textbook which lures us to magical locations
➤ Historical knowledge paired with metaphysical experiences
➤ Detailed descriptions of journeys that give the book travel guide qualities

Through many journeys, writer and author Manfred Böckl has researched thirty very special locations in southern England and Wales: places with a strong magical aura, which often also possess high mythological or historical significance. Some of the places, like Stonehenge, the Avebury circles, or Glastonbury (Avalon), are well known worldwide – but for most of the other locations one can say, that they are genuine secrets. For example, the author takes the reader to the historic battlefield of Canlann, where Arthur and Mordred died, and in another chapter, he visits a wellpreserved Celtic town. His magical-historical journey of exploration takes us to megalithic graves, ruins redolent with legends, and a hill fort which was the real Camelot – and these are by no means all of the fascinating places Manfred Böckl has discovered for us. The author has written his book with a profusion of great historical and mythical background knowledge; often he allows personal and metaphysical experiences to stream into it – right through to memories of former lives. This profusely illustrated volume also still provides travel-guide quality information thanks to relevant factual knowledge, making the book able to serve as a totally perfect “guide” in a Britain that is full of magic.

Manfred Böckl

Manfred Böckl, born 1948, is a German author, who has published some 80 novels and factual books with a total publication output of over a million; a number of his works have been translated into other languages. Publisher Neue Erde has so far released several titles by Böckl – “Ceridwen – Die Rueckkehr der dreifaltigen Goettin der Kelten” [Ceridwen – The Return of the Triple Goddess of the Celts] and “Die Botschaft der Druiden – Heimkehr ins Heidentum” [Message of the druids - return to paganism]
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger