Equilibrium through chakra balancing


New Age / Esoterics

Ursula Georgii

Neue Erde

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Paperback with flaps
224 pages
146 x 208 mm

Healing burnout energetically

➤ Recognizing burnout as an energetic phenomenon
➤ A practical textbook with numerous exercises from chakra and energy working
➤ A solid basic work of excellent practical value

We all know that exhaustion to the point of burnout is due to no longer having access to our own energy, power, joie de vivre, and when we don’t know how to re-activate our own energy. This requires not only that we rest and relax, but that we need to find a totally new energetic equilibrium. How that can become possible is shown in this very practical book with its numerous exercises. Exhaustion arises whenever we have given our all, and are completely drained. What is then needed is for us to have a complete rest and allow our energy tanks to fill up again. Like a well, that has had too much water taken from it – if it is allowed to rest, water will flow in again, and the well will fill up. In a burnout situation that well has become totally dried up; no more water is able to flow in, and exhaustion becomes chronic. In her book, Ursula Georgii explains what burnout actually is and how to recognize when stress is causing us to lose our equilibrium. She helps focus our attention on our own energy levels and demonstrates how important it is to keep those levels balanced on a daily basis. The main part of this book deals with her unique departure point of recognizing the causes and consequences of burnout and stress. Old character traits, thought concepts, feeling patterns and behavioural habits will become noticeable from an energetic observational angle. Once these energy patterns are recognized, we are able consciously to work on them, then change and resolve them. For this purpose, the book offers numerous exercises and techniques derived from energy work with auras and chakras. Part four of this volume will also provide particularly helpful, with well-trialled and extremely effective exercises for demarcating and for energetic self-defence. Finally, in the fifth part of the book concrete, do-able options are presented for helping to get back one’s joie de vivre and fortify spiritual and physical mobility. Thus, this volume with its numerous exercises shows a practical path for regaining equilibrium and finding ones’ way back to freedom and lightness.

Ursula Georgii

Ursula Georgii has been working as a gardener and landscape designer for many years, as well as practising as an intuitive advisor and coach for 15 years. She underwent training from 1990 to 1997 at a school for intuitive and creative development (Berlin/Utrecht) in the field of energy working with auras and chakras. From 2004 she followed her heartfelt desire to offer readings, as well as seminars and training in energy working and energetic self-protection. For the last few years the emphasis of her work has been on supporting people who, because of enormous societal and private demands, are suffering from permanent achievement- and time pressure.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger