The living wisdom of trees


New Age / Esoterics

Fred Hageneder

Watkins Nourish

Infos :

HB 234 x 153 mm
Mono illustrations throughout

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A Guide to the Natural History, Symbolism and Healing Power of Trees

The definitive guide to the sacred place trees hold for cultures around the world, exploring the natural history, folklore and symbolism that give each genus of tree its unique character and fascination.

This beautiful book explains the human significance of 55 trees, from alder (Alnus) to oak (Quercus), looking at their botanical characteristics, their place in world myth, magic and folklore, their healing properties, and their practical contribution to society. Featuring evocative hand-drawn illustrations, this book is for all who seek acquaintance with the fascinating lore and the profound spiritual wisdom of trees.

Fred Hageneder

Fred Hageneder is a harpist, graphic designer and author. He is co-founder of Friends of the Trees, a registered charity which aims to protect trees in sacred settings.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger