A call to power



New Age / Esoterics

Sharon McErlane

Neue Erde

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Paperback with flaps
146 x 208 mm
240 pages

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Revelations of the ultimate feminine principle Lessons from the Grandmothers. Vol. 1


➤ The book about a growing global movement
➤ At last: Woman has a part to play with her female power
➤ Encouragement for every woman
➤ Postulating a new equilibrium between Yin and Yang, between the female and the male principles

➤ Messages which are desperately needed Yang, the male energy, is completely out of kilter: making, doing, controlling, reasoning, dealing with what is measurable.

➤ French translation available

And even many women are living this yang energy. The grandmothers have arrived in order to give the Yin – that allowing-to-grow, being, loving attention – meaning and recognition once more. They want to bring women back to their own power and reconnect them with their own true femininity and the Great Mother. Sharon McErlane has worked as a therapist for many years and personally experienced how much our male-dominated view and attitudes toward life have made so many people sad, sick, and unhappy. In a vision, one day, she met the ‘Great Counsel of the Grandmothers’, who gifted her with an ‘energetic robe’. After this, she learned to journey as a shaman and to continue to make contact with these grandmothers. The book tells of these journeys, presents the lessons of the grandmothers, and wishes to lead women back to their own power, which is so different from male energy. Men, too, suffer whenever Yin and Yang are not in harmony. If a tree is only growing skyward and the roots are withering, because the deep things, the dark things, the softness and moisture, are not given their due, then the tree will soon die. What we are experiencing in the world now, is the frenzy of Yang, which is exhausting itself, more and more, and is threatening all life. It will be up to women, to make the Yin strong again, so that the source of Being, in which all Life is rooted, can be regenerated.

Sharon McErlane

Sharon McErlane was a teacher and marriage and family guidance counsellor for more than three decades. Her work concentrated on clients and students, to give them techniques for spiritual and emotional integration which they could use to accompany them through life. She teaches shamanic journeying and travels, in order to speak to groups and to spread the message of the Grandmothers. She is married, has two grown-up children and lives with her husband and a Golden Retriever in Laguna Beach, California.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger