The Language Your Body Speaks



New Age / Esoterics

Ellen Meredith

New World Library

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Trade paperback
272 pp.
6 x 9
B and W illustrations throughout

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Self-Healing with Energy Medicine


  • Teaches readers to speak the language of the body — energy — and to dialogue with their own personal energies to support their health and well-being
  • Ellen Meredith regularly appears at Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) events as a teacher, special presenter, and assistant to Donna Eden, whose book Energy Medicine has sold more than a million copies
  • The author has had a private practice as an energy intuitive, instructor, and medical intuitive since 1984 and has worked with more than 10,000 clients and students
  • Written for practitioners and laypeople alikeEnergy healing is based on the premise that energy is our essence, that while our bodies appear solid, they are in fact a constantly swirling set of energetic exchanges. Ellen Meredith’s innovative approach to energy medicine recognizes these exchanges as a language in itself. Speaking that language allows us to hear and understand what the body is telling us so that we can heal ailments and maintain optimal well-being. Though this communication may seem esoteric, it is actually a fundamental human skill, one we had as preverbal infants. The Language Your Body Speaks teaches readers to relearn it through simple experiments, exercises, and practices. The resulting dialogue amounts to an infallible internal guidance system that empowers anyone to read their physical and emotional symptoms and understand how to heal them. Learning to speak the body’s language creates a potent, personalized path to not only healing but the realization of one’s unique mind, body, and spirit potential.


Ellen Meredith

ELLEN MEREDITH, DA, EEMAP, works with individual clients and teaches energy healing tech- niques in the US, Canada, and Europe as well as online. She has served on Donna Eden’s faculty since 2010, appearing in many of Eden’s videos. Meredith lives in Marin County, California. Bestsell- ing author DONNA EDEN is based in Ashland, Oregon.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger