Straight from the Field onto the Plate




Jasmin Peschke

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February 2021

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200 pages
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What Really Makes Food Healthy

• A manifesto for future-oriented food production
• For consumers as well as professionals from manufacturing, trade, and agriculture
• Find out how health and resilience come about

Can food items be considered healthy if they contain all required nutrients, while at the same time producers have to use an ever growing amount of fertilizers, pesticides, and additives during the production process? Eating is more than just absorbing nutrients. Growth and ripening energy is vital for the health of both humans and the planet. Authentic food items that grow in the field are a prerequisite to ensure decent quality of life as well as a sustainable future. For only a healthy soil can produce food that contributes to people’s health and resilience. The author, holder of a doctorate in ecotrophology, writes about seeds, soils, farm animals, methods of quality control, alimentation for the future, but also about a cooking school for children and an integrated health concept with a view to intestinal microbiota. She offers well researched and easily comprehensible information about nutrition and explains why a state of health cannot be achieved without taking a thorough look at the system of nutrition.

Jasmin Peschke

Jasmin Peschke doctorate in ecotrophology, responsible for the field of nutrition in the agricultural section of the Goetheanum in Dornach (Switzerland).
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger