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Felix Immler

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184 pages
800 colour photos and illustrations
Word Count: 33,764

The Latest Pet Projects Using a Pocket Knife

• The latest book by the king of pocket knives, Felix Immler
• A pocket knife, natural wood, and a handful of household items. 30 new projects by the pocket knife expert
• 30 new projects by the pocket knife expert. Including richly illustrated and detailed step- by-step instructions

A simple pocket knife with a wood saw will enable you to make far more than just the usual arrow, hiking stick, or skewer. In his latest book, pocket knife expert and carving genius Felix Immler shows us how. He presents more than 30 new, innovative, and unique projects fascinating for young and old – many of them were developed and rendered pocket knife friendly over several months. Everything you need apart from a pocket knife can be found outdoors, in the household, or in the garbage can. And off you go crafting a balloon saxophone that sounds absolutely genuine, a crossbow that would have made William Tell proud, a parachute that can be shot up to the sky with an arrow, or a boat that happily chugs along the water. All projects and techniques have detailed instructions, explaining processes step by step with the help of about 800 photos and illustrations. In addition, the book presents basic techniques and mandatory safety rules.

Felix Immler

Felix Immler Trained mechanic, social worker, and nature educator, now working full-time for Victorinox as pocket knife pedagogue. On his YouTube channel he regularly posts pocket knife and bushcraft videos. He is father of three children.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger