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Nicolas Lätt

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136 pages
194 colour photos

Bushcraft and Adventures with Children throughout the Seasons

• Plenty of ideas for outdoor adventures with children
• Sleeping outside, canoe tours, raft building, climbing, cooking over open fire, wildlife watching
• A book full of ideas for parents, educators, and youth group leaders

Children love outdoor adventures – be it sleeping in the garden outside their doorstep or building igloos in the mountains, multiple-day canoe trips on the sea or a river or setting up huts in a forest, watching animals or campfire and cooking over a hole in the ground. In the wild, all their senses get activated, they develop practical skills and benefit from physical exercise, they become more confident and independent. The book illustrates a number of practical ideas for unforgettable outdoor adventures with children in any season. Including detailed instructions, numerous tips regarding equipment, safety and anything else you need to know to turn your outdoor event into an unforgettable adventure. For parents, educators, youth group leaders, and anyone who likes to spend time with children outdoors.

Nicolas Lätt

Nicolas Lätt trained teacher, outdoor educator and guide, former top rower. He spends his spare time outdoors with his four children, be it on foot, by canoe, climbing, or hiking with snowshoe.
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Agence Schweiger