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Steffen Guido Fleischhauer

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Paperback with flaps
256 pages
Exclusively colour illustrations and sketches

How to Recognize and Use 200 Species

• How to recognize and use 200 species
• Edible wild plants in words, drawing and image: Botany, usage and further information
• Overview table on the best collecting times for the presented edible wild plants

Collecting and relishing edible wild plants is a sheer wonder of nature, inspiring more and more people these days. Wild plants are rich in vital substances and offer a variety of special aromas, also they are easy to find and readily available for just anyone.Apart from basic botanical data (botanical name, family, life form, height of growth, blooming season, blossom colour) this practical identification guide focuses on the plants’ most important features of recognition that
are reproduced by detailed illustrations and excellent colour photos. Poisonous plants liable to cause confusion are illustrated as well. For each plant, there is a detailed description when to harvest their different parts. Next to suggestions on how to prepare the wild plants for cooking purposes there is always a description of their basic taste as well as information on their most important content substances and health effects. In order to allow orientation throughout the whole vegetation period the edible wild plants are sorted according to leaf shape – for the first time in a German publication. The book is rounded off by a table of harvesting times and an index of name synonyms. The practical pocket size renders the book an ideal companion for outdoor walks to the edible wild plants.

Steffen Guido Fleischhauer

Steffen Guido Fleischhauer graduate engineer for landscape planning and landscape architecture, College of Higher Education Weihenstephan. Concentrated for long years on edible wild plants. Gathered experience all over Central Europe in alimentation with plants from wild nature. Today offers guided walking tours, nature adventure trips, lectures and seminars on the topic of edible wild plants.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger