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Jutta Schneider-Will

Katharina Bodenstein

AT Verlag

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176 pages
220 colour photos

The Best Recipes for Caravan, Camping, Cabin or Boat

• More than 100 simple & smart recipes for travelers
• Perfect for camping, cabin, or boat holidays
• Numerous travel cooking tips and tricks; including useful information on wild plants and mushrooms

Be it in a tent, a caravan, a cabin, or on a boat, we certainly appreciate a good meal while on holiday, too. Even under modest conditions and with a minimum of kitchen utensils we should be able to prepare a fine meal from fresh ingredients – quickly and without too much fuss.

More than 100 recipes for no more than two hotplates, suitable for beginners. Smart solutions for cooking in the open: from starting a fire to emergency lighting or opening bottles without opener. The best ideas to elegantly master flops, failures, and fumbles. Useful tips on berries, herbs, and mushrooms that can be collected on the way. Suggestions for helpful equipment, products, and tools.

An indispensable cookbook and guide no caravan or cabin should do without.

Jutta Schneider-Will

Jutta Schneider-Will (photos) biologist, freelance photo journalist. Productions for renowned book, magazine, and calendar publishers.

Katharina Bodenstein

Katharina Bodenstein (text) biologist and long-time editor of the garden magazine »kraut & rüben«. Passionate camper, open air cook, and mother of two sons who loves to cook in her spare time.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger