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Uma Ulrike Reichelt


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5 laws of luck you must disregard to get old, sick and unhappy quickly

The formula for success for reducing stress and happiness in life.

Overload symptoms are on the rise and can be found almost everywhere today, especially in fast-paced everyday work, but also in our screen-oriented, busy leisure time. As a result, many people suffer from a steadily increasing tension, which often does not allow them to rest even at night.

Those affected often take the path to burnout unconsciously, but it also has clear principles. Using the 5 laws of luck, you will learn in a refreshing, amusing and clear way which risks you are specifically exposed to and which formulas for success will bring you towards happiness in life.

The experienced author shows you that you don’t have to be helpless at the mercy of stress, but that you can take your health and quality of life into your own hands. With the help of functioning instruments and behavioural strategies, you can become more relaxed, more vital and happier.

Uma Ulrike Reichelt

Uma Ulrike Reichelt lives in Leipzig. Thanks to the successful healing of her own serious crisis and her numerous qualifications, including in psychological kinesiology, TRE® and EFT, she is a recognized expert in burnout prevention and the treatment of stressful states. Further information is available at:
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger