Winter Vegetables


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Heidi Lorey


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144 pages
122 colour photographs
7 illustrations
Paperback with flaps

A fresh harvest during the cold time of the year

Many vegetable gardens lie dormant in winter, and the garden soil lies brown and bare – but the cold time of the year has its own delicious treats in store. In this guide, Heidi Lorey describes how you can harvest fresh vegetables from your plot even from October to March, and shows you how you can enjoy a successful late harvest. As a gardening expert, she presents a wealth of winter vegetables in detail, from lettuce plants and typical cabbage species to specialities such as pak choi or flower sprouts, the new superfood, with an emphasis on cultivation, harvesting and their use in the kitchen. With a little joy in experimenting, you too will at last be able to enjoy vegetables and herbs from your own garden, even in the wintertime!

Heidi Lorey

Dr. Heidi Lorey studied gardening and works as a freelance journalist, author and speaker. She grows with great passion in her vegetable garden in East Westphalia with old and new varieties and is involved in the association for the conservation of crop diversity.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger