Love of Potatoes



Garden & Nature

Heidi Lorey


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144 pages
200 colour photographs
Paperback with flaps

Planting, harvesting and enjoying a range of varieties

What do potatoes really taste like? Many would probably answer “pretty neutral”. That’s just not true, though, and, in this book, our “potato sommelier” Heidi Lorey demonstrates that each of the 3,000 recognised varieties worldwide has its own special taste. Find out which varieties are suitable for your garden, and how to plant and look after them correctly. Get to know early and late varieties alike, and discover the fascination of Sieglinde, Bonnotte and others besides. And since a love of potatoes ultimately comes from eating them, Lorey reveals not just her favourite potato recipes, but also the most suitable varieties for them. It’s high time we rediscovered both the diversity and our love of these, our favourite tuber plants!

Heidi Lorey

Dr. Heidi Lorey studied gardening and works as a freelance journalist, author and speaker. She grows with great passion in her vegetable garden in East Westphalia with old and new varieties and is involved in the association for the conservation of crop diversity.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger