What Your Fear Wants To Tell You




Andreas Winter

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198 pages

How to understand and overcome blockages – Includes extra tips for dealing with panic attacks

• Fears and phobias are constantly recurring themes

• Successful deep-psychological approach

Almost every person is afraid of certain things or events: illness, loss of work or of a beloved one, of rejection and criticism or simply of strangers, snakes, spiders, lifts or air travel these fears blocks us in our daily lives and impair the quality of our lives.

It has been proven that people who go through life without fear are healthier, more successful, more popular and, above all, happier. But how can we rid ourselves once and for all of our anxieties and reservations without putting ourselves through lengthy procedures?

Depth psychologist Andreas Winter who is renowned for his unusual approaches has the answer which is as simple as it is stunning: “Understanding our fears will make them disappear!” Because we acquired all our fears subconsciously in our childhood where they protected us against loss of control. Those who know the causes of their fears will be able to find an antidote and thus regain control of their lives. This will even help them overcome the much dreaded panic attacks and archetypical fears.

By answering three questions, readers can find out what is be- hind their fears and how they can be conquered. Citing various example cases from his many years of practical coaching, the author shows how people have managed to overcome their fears by simply “flipping a mental switch”.


Andreas Winter

He holds a degree in education and works as a psychological consultant. As head of one of Germany’s largest coaching institutes, he has been improving the quality of life of people from all over the world for more than two decades through quick and unconventional conflict resolutions. His mesmerizing lectures and books have meanwhile reached cult status.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger