Understanding fascia



Sports and Martial Arts

Gerd Gradwohl


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232 pages

More well-being and health through fascia treatment and movement.
Prevention, regeneration & healing through fascia treatment.

Back problems, neck pain or “tennis elbow” – who does not know them. In most cases, these and many other complaints are based on a disturbed structure of our fasciae. Fasciae enclose muscles, vessels, bones and organs and play an important role in our body.

Gerd Gradwohl, physiotherapist in his own practice, presents a novel physiotherapeutic treatment method – Myofascial Integration. Here, special manual techniques are combined with movement. As a result, acute or chronic orthopedic complaints caused by disturbed, scarred or stuck fasciae can be successfully treated within a short time.

With a large exercise section on functional training by Dr. Frank Frebel and a guest contribution by pelvic floor expert Susanne Schwärzler.Foreword by co-founder of fascia therapy Benno Geissler.

Gerd Gradwohl

Physiotherapist. Additional training as a manual therapist in 2009 and therapist for myofascial integration, which is still his specialty today. His athletic resume is impressive: He is a two-time winner of the silver laurel leaf. In 2006, he won his first Paralympic gold medal in Turin in downhill and a bronze medal in slalom. In 2009 he became world champion in downhill in Korea and in 2010 he won another bronze medal in downhill at the Paralympics in Canada. In 2006 and 2010, he was named the City of Kempten's Sportsman of the Year.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger