Time is honey



Kaelheinz A. & Jonas Geissler


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256 pages
Two-colour print
Many illustrations

There is a long-standing, apparently simple solution to limited time: Time management continues to be the all-purpose solution. But the word »management« itself is revealing, since it attempts to »repair« the increasing economy of time through further economy. The time researchers and consultants Karlheinz A. and Jonas Geissler put an end to that myth: »You can’t save, manage or lose time. You can only do one thing with time: Live it.«

How can we coordinate different temporal demands? How does one become competent and confident with respect to time? Time is Honey contradicts the »Time is money«-logic with a new perspective on the phenomenon of time. True to the motto »Time only exists in the plural form,« the book inspires readers to discover a large number of temporal qualities, providing important impulses to think further and act.

By the end it is clear that time is not an opponent we need to outfox. It is our friend if we are willing to engage with it.

Kaelheinz A. & Jonas Geissler

KARLHEINZ A. & JONAS GEISSLER are not only father and son, but also run the timesand more institute of time consulting. Their aim is to optimise »timeholder values«. Karlheinz A. Geissler is the author of numerous books on the topic of time; Jonas Geissler works as a trainer and (time) consultant. For more information, see www.timesand- more.com
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger