Liberation from excess



Niko Paech


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The world is not yet prepared to free itself from the drug of growth. But the discussion on the end of exorbitance is gaining momentum. The sustainability researcher Niko Paech provides a fitting polemic text that reveals »green growth« to be a myth. Today, »green growth« and »sustainable« consumption are regarded as the new silver bullets. But Paech considers the small differences between »good« and »bad« growth to be a sham. In his alternative concept, the post-growth economy, he calls for limiting industrial value addition processes and strengthening local self-sufficiency patterns. This type of economy would be more frugal, but also more stable and more ecologically compatible.

Niko Paech

NIKO PAECH is one of the most important German growth critics. He is also authentic because he lives his vision of a »decelerated, decluttered world«. The economist has been Professor at the Chair for Production and the Environment at the University of Oldenburg since 2010. As a member of the scientific advisory board of Attac, he enjoys a high profile and reaches a wide public audience.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger