The young polar bear wondering why it is so warm


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Christina Hagn

Julia Patschorke


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36 pages

A young polar bear is waiting for winter. He would love to play snow-football on the frozen ice. Although the arrival of winter is long overdue, it seems that the cold doesn’t want to come. When his mother complains that it’s getting harder and harder to find food,
he decides to get to the bottom of things.
He discovers that the arctic sea ice is melting because the air has become too warm. Upon this discovery, he decides to write letters to various animals all over the world, where he explains the problem and asks for their help. It turns out that everyone has great ideas and they are able to successfully put them into action.

With its easy-to-understand, child-friendly illustrations, the story of the little polar bear explains climate change and how we can fight it.

Christina Hagn

CHRISTINA HAGN has worked on a number of projects on the subject of sustainable urban develop- ment and energy efficient living as well as (inter)national projects on soft tourism, sustainable mobility and European transport politics.

Julia Patschorke

JULIA PATSCHORKE works as a communication designer, freelance illustrator and cultural educator.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger