The encyclopedia of dumb things



Wolfgang Schmidbauer


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240 pages
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They have enriched and facilitated our everyday life: refrigerator, cell-phone, shower no one wants to live without them anymore. Nowadays we are using these things quite naturally, without paying attention to how they secretly change our hearts and minds. But what does ›progress‹ actually mean? How does constant consumption change us? Which things can be omitted, which things actually increase our stupidity? Wolfgang Schmidbauer has thought about these and similar questions all his life.

In his very personal encyclopedia he describes objects that are so commonplace that we forgot to question how they influence us in addition to their general functions. High-Tech devices that can no longer be repaired and which therefore undermine our technical skills, chic week- end houses that turn out to be labor intensive ballast, toilets that use drinking water these are just some examples indicating that comfort is not only convenient. Schmidbauer presents a new view on the world of stuff. Sometimes crystal clear, sometimes touching, he writes with never-ending intellectual pleasure that entertains, surprises and captivates.

Wolfgang Schmidbauer

The psychologist WOLFGANG SCHMIDBAUER is the author of numerous famous books on love, fear and the helper syndrome. He was one of the first critics of the consumpter society.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger