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Daniel Anthes

Katharina Schulenburg


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160 pages
Fourcolour print

Incredible, but true: in Germany, 313 kilograms of edible food is thrown away every second. As soon as a yoghurt passes its best-before date or an apple isn’t quite so fresh, they go in the bin. It’s high time to put an end to this throw-away madness!

The authors call for a return to treating our food with greater respect. They give a succinct but soundly-based explanation of how we can successfully reduce the amount of food we waste every day and make our diet more sustainable. At the heart of the book is a collection of recipes which can be used to conjure up delicious meals from »leftovers«. The guide is rounded off with an introduction to initiatives such as food- sharing and the ugly-food movement, which will make you want to get involved yourself.

Daniel Anthes

DANIEL ANTHES works as a consultant and speaker at the Zukunftsinstitut Future Institute. In his free time he works as the chair of the non-profit association ShoutOutLoud.

Katharina Schulenburg

KATHARINA SCHULENBURG heads ShoutOutLoud’s »No food for the bin« programme. At her catering and cooking workshops, she regularly incorporates ideas for recycling leftovers creatively.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger