Better off without plastic



Anneliese Bunk and Nadine Schubert


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112 pages
Four-colour print throughout

The honey we put on our bread each morning is contaminated with micro plastic. The water with which we brew our coffee also contains tiny particles of plastic. Plastic has become a symbol of modernity and can be found everywhere nowadays with corresponding consequences for environment and health. But is it really not possible to live without plastic? Anneliese Bunk and Nadine Schubert stood before this question almost three years ago and live nearly plastic free today. In their book they show how and where you can reduce and replace plastic in your daily life.

The book provides lots of tips and tricks, from shopping consciously to making those products that can’t be bought plastic free anywhere yourself. The suggestions are very easy to implement, simplify work and save time. Everyone can start immediately, step by step and at their own pace. »Better off without plastic« is the ultimate guide for those who are fed up with the flood of plastic and want to live a healthy life with natural materials.

Anneliese Bunk and Nadine Schubert

ANNELIESE BUNK and NADINE SCHUBERT are true professionals in avoiding plastic. In 2013, they banned the harmful substance from their lives and are experts of living plasticfree in the city and on the countryside.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger