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Annette Sabersky


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128 pages
Four-colour print throughout

Artificial colours, flavours and preservatives food without additives has become almost unthinkable. Additives are used to alter the smell, colour and shelf life of different foods often at the expense of our health, as not all substances are as harmless as the food in- dustry would have us believe. In this book, the renowned food author Annette Sabersky provides an overview of the common food additives, their function and effects: How are you supposed to see clearly through this ›jungle of ingredients‹? What is ›good‹ food? And how can we avoid unwanted substances? With the numerous recipes in the book, many daily food staples from vegetable broth to tomato ketchup can be made at home. With its background information and useful tips, the book is the ideal guide to a life without additives.

Annette Sabersky

ANNETTE SABERSKY is a nutritionist, journalist and author. She regularly checks different products for their ›inner‹ values on her blog and as an author for numerous journals. Sabersky is the author of over 15 non-fiction books on the topic of nutrition. As a mother of two, she is very diligent about the additives that may be contained in different food products.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger