Theory and Practice of Phytotherapy



Cornelia Stern

Helga EII-Beiser

AT Verlag

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600 pages
17.0 cm x 24.0 cm
Colour photos, mind maps, illustrations, ribbon


Understanding active substances – Meaningful use of medical plants. Featuring 120 plant monographs

• From healing plant to eure
• lnstructional and reference manual for medical experts and amateurs
• 120 detailed plant monographs, recipes, and recommended medication

What is it that renders a simple plant suitable for medical use? And how can its healing potential fully unfold? This comprehensive manual offers a well-structured and scientifically grounded presentation on the basics of phytotherapy. The authors show us the meaningful use of plants and their active substances. Thoroughly tried and tested recipes and medication suggestions complement each and every indication. Mind maps allow for a quick overview and make it easy to confidently identify a suitable medical plant. Excellent photographs help us recognize the plants in their natural surroundings. »Theory and Practice of Phytotherapy« is an indispensable reference for medical experts and interested amateurs who wish to acquire or deepen their knowledge about phytotherapy.

Cornelia Stern

Cornelia Stern Pharmacist specialized in naturopathy. Director of the »Freiburger Heilpflanzenschule« and lecturer on phytotherapy, paracelsianism, gemmotherapy, and classical homeopathy.

Helga EII-Beiser

Helga EII-Beiser Alternative practitioner running her own practice since 1997 with focus on phytotherapy, healing of warnen and children, psychosomatic medicine. Lecturer at the »Freiburger Heilpflanzenschule«.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger