Hidden causes of heart attack and strokes



Christian Wilde


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Inflammation, Cardiology’s Newest Frontier

Written in layman’s terms to inform and protect you and your family from “hidden” underlying causes, beyond cho- lesterol, that put one at risk of heart at- tacks and strokes. The reader will also find important information for those who have already experienced a prior event. This book is highly endorsed by the Di- rectors of Preventive Cardiology of five major universities. Credited with being one of the first books to inform the public on inflammation’s role in heart disease the book has updated data to add. “One must be involved and informed with their own healthcare,” says Wilde.

Christian Wilde

Christian Wilde is a researcher and author of three groundbreaking books. His Turmeric+ Formula won the Emord & Associates Excellence in New Health Formula Innovation in Cambridge Maryland for inventing formulas that enhance health and life. His books including Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke, introducing inflammation’s role in heart disease, and Miracle Stem Cell Heart Repair for heart failure patients. Christian has been a singer/songwriter and independent producer for Capitol, MCA/ United Artists and Columbia records. His musical CD is available on his website with 14 songs including, You’ll Never Walk Alone, The Rose, Amazing Grace, Danny Boy and 10 originals.
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