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Franz Reichle

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Cardboard binding
216 pages
32 colour
Numerous B&W illustrations

Secrets of Tibetan Medicine

• The one and only true reference book on Tibetan medicine
• Based on the rich wisdom of the Dalai Lama’s personal physician; Preface includes an interview with the Dalai Lama
• The book accompanying the movie «The Wisdom of Healing», screened in cinemas and on television

Many years ago, documentary filmmaker Franz Reichle met a Tibetan doctor in Buryatia whose work and successful healing methods fascinated and astonished him time and again. This inspired him to create – in a 3-year effort – the movie entitled «The Wisdom of Healing» which, when eventually screened on television, rendered masses of people speechless. The sensual experience conveyed by the film is complemented in this book with a presentation of theoretical foundations, research efforts, and practical usages of Tibetan medicine. The new edition, minutely revised and extended with the help of numerous Tibetan doctors, provides insightful and comprehensive explanations on theory and practice in an easily understandable way. A reliable source on Tibetan medicine for amateurs, physicians, and pharmacists.

Franz Reichle

Franz Reichle is a freelance filmmaker and lecturer on film in Zurich. He lived in Buryatia, north of Mongolia, for five years and got acquainted with Tibetan medicine there. In a 3-year effort he created the first comprehensive movie on Tibetan medicine: «The Wisdom of Healing», released in 1997.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger