The Soul Wanderer Oracle


Tarots & Oracles

Anna Katmore


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40 cards
Size: 89 x 127 mm
Including guidebook
136 pages

Magical soul journeys full of wonders

An imaginative quest A journey to Avalon or a past life, a meeting with a wise thousand-year-old dragon or the mighty wizard Merlin, opening our third eye, or fulfilling our most profound dreams … 40 inventive and effective imaginary short-journeys as well as enchanting card images by Sylvia Gruber (artist of the successful card deck »Elves«) await you! This card deck invites your soul to dive into foreign worlds and helps you in bringing back magic into your live – whether you want to expand your consciousness, heal unconscious issues, or just relax and enjoy.

Anna Katmore

Anna Katmore is a successful bestselling author with over one million novels sold worldwide. The Upper Austrian discovered her passion for storytelling and writing as a child and began her writing career early. She is best known as an author of fantasy and romance novels. In her private life, too, she is always on the threshold between fantasy and reality and openly lives out her spiritual side. She offers writing coaching for aspiring writers as well as seminars for the spiritually interested.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger