The Shungite




New Age / Esoterics

Ulla Rosenberger


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115 x 165 mm
112 pages

Origin and usage of a unique healing stone

Mysterious, remarkable and shrouded in legend

The shungite, a legendary stone from the north of Russia, is known for its extensive healing powers and its protective effects. It shields us against radiation and electric smog and features a unique property: It can never be charged negatively! Ulla Rosenberger has been working with healing stones for more than 25 years. She shows you in easy-to-follow steps how you can make optimal use of the diverse powers of the shungite in everyday life, e. g. …

  • to detoxify yourself,
  • to strengthen your health,
  • to open up new paths or
  • to gain stability and balance.

    In addition, she explains which other healing stones benefit from the shungite and in which combinations the shungite unfolds its full potential!

Ulla Rosenberger

Ulla Rosenberger found access to geology, mineralogy and gemmology (determination of gemstones) during her training as a master goldsmith. For decades she has been dealing with this on a daily basis, for example in her work at the "Schirner Mineralienparadies" in Darmstadt. In addition, she has completed a pedagogical training.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger