The Flower of Life



Tarots & Oracles

Barbara Heider-Rauter


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Card deck
89 x 127 mm
50 cards including guidebook


50 cards with soothing nature images and full of peaceful wisdom

According to Sacred Geometry, the Flower of Life is the most perfect and powerful energy symbol. With its help, we can easily balance our life and remind ourselves that we are all part of divine creation and that everyone is connected to everyone else.
Draw one of the lightful cards every day to receive a divine impulse. Or focus on it to support your inner contemplation. Or put it under a glass to energize the water … This is why this set a valuable companion in your everyday life. The Flower of Life brings lightness to every topic and invites abundance and perfection to enter your life!

Barbara Heider-Rauter

Barbara Heider-Rauter is a qualified educator and therapist with many years’ experience. One of the leading aura-soma experts in the world, she leads meditation evenings, seminars for personal development, and spiritual journeys. For more than 15 years, she has run a specialist spiritual shop in Salzburg, where seekers can meet kindred spirits.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger