Every challenge makes us grow



Marion Leuschner


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128 pages
Colour illustrations throughout

Money worries, physical complaints or even misfor- tune – all of us know this more or less. If we manage to find purpose in the face of adversity, however, we can maintain our serenity and strength in any life situation we may be facing. In this book Marion Leuschner shows how every experience can carry us forward on our path of life. In many exercises we learn how to stay centered even in challenging situations, keep setting new goals for ourselves, and make peace with the past. In this way, we will not only be happier but manifest a life full of ease and joy as well.

  • ›  dealing skillfully with life’s challenges
  • ›  many exercises help you keeping your calm when

    faced with difficult situations

  • ›  for all those who want to foster their positive thinking skills

Marion Leuschner

Since her childhood Marion Leuschner has had a passion for writing, and in 2015 she published her first novel. It was at the darkest point of her life when she learned to open up to the messages of the universe and trust her inner voice. Profoundly moved by this new way of perceiving the world, she decided to pass on her knowledge to others. After completing a training as coach and several advanced trainings in the field of spirituality she already held a number of workshops on “successful wishing”.
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Agence Schweiger