The New Drinking Culture



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Nicole Klauss


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272 pages
Designed, illustrated and colourized throughout

Perfect food-pairings without alcohol

Nicole Klauss presents the versatile and exiting world of alcohol-free beverages: a world of unbelievable taste adventures, where juices, teas and historic as well as newly developed beverages meet the ambitious cuisine. Discover refined creations as you learn everything about the taste variety alcohol-free beverages can provide. Whether at home or at the restaurant, exciting new pairings and tastings are ready to be discovered, because: Sober is the new drunk!

Nicole Klauss

Nicole Klauss graduated in Art History and Romanism to start a career in art consulting and her schooling in oenology. Becoming mother of two children, she intensified her interest for the non-alcoholic, refined cuisine while consulting caterers and restaurant owners. Always on the look-out for new tasting experiences, she blogs on food-pairings and innovative beverages.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger