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Homemade Dog Treats for Your Best Friend

Homemade Treats for Happy, Healthy Dogs

One of the best ways to keep your dog healthy and show them your love is to ditch the packaged pet food and make your own homemade dog food. More Treats, Please! offers dozens of delicious recipes for homemade dog treats and meals, along with the essential information you need to know to get started.

Real and safe food for real dogs: Homemade meals and treats are great for pets with allergies or special dietary needs. By using simple, fresh ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen, you can maintain control over what goes in and what stays out. Avoid unsafe additives with the customized, homemade dog treats recipes in this book.

Pets rock! Dog parents know that their furry friends deserve the best. Rocelyn Acero and her dog, Sugar, of the Golden Woofs blog, will be your guides to pet-friendly cooking.

The homemade dog food recipes in More Treats, Please! include:

Creative ways to make mealtime more fun
Raw dog food that’s quick and easy to make Safe superfood ingredients to fuel your pet’s life

Rosalyn Acero

Maria Rosalyn Acero is the founder of one of the most popular pet-cooking and lifestyle blogs around. Golden Woofs was started in October of 2008, two months after Sugar, Rosalyn's golden retriever, had her 7th Barkday. With over 30,000 subscribers and an expanding social media following, Rosalyn has become the dog parent expert for pet care and dog-friendly baked goods. More Treats, Please! makes feeding delicious homemade treats and meals a snap. Rosalyn uses simple ingredients and shares easy-to-follow recipes that can make any pet parent a gourmet chef in their pup's eyes. - M.K. Clinton, Barking From the Bayou ( I love that this book is about so much more than just cooking treats for your dog. It is inspiring to build a better bond and relationship with your dog through something as simple as cooking. - Ann Staub, My Pawsitively Pets ( Dog owners! This is the greatest dog treats recipe book for doggies! The specified ingredients are wholesome, nutritious and nourishing. - Toni Friedman, Pet Mom I have enjoyed making Rosalyn's dog-friendly recipes for Oz time and again. More Treats, Please! is a must-have for the dog owner who wants to provide a variety of fun, easy and healthy treats to their pup! - Gina Caballero, Oz the Terrier
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