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LA-based yoga power-couple Tamal and Victoria Dodge introduce readers to the yogic philosophy of ahimsa, or non-harm, along with 108 healthy, delicious recipes organized around a yoga practice: “Morning Meditations” includes smoothies and breakfasts to fuel and power you through the day; “A Plate Full of Prana” shares snacks, soups and salads to revitalize your system; “A Bowl Full of Yin” has recipes to help cultivate a peaceful state; and “Sweet Savasana” presents restorative and beneficial dessert options.

Tamal & Victoria Dodge

Tamal Dodge is a renowned yoga teacher, trainer and co-founder of LA’s premiere yoga studio, Yoga Salt, with its newest location in North Carolina. He’s been featured in the New York Times, the LA Times, Time magazine, the Chicago Tribune, Self, Better Homes & Gardens, Yogi Times, MindBodyGreen, and more. He teaches yoga around the world and stars in several bestselling yoga DVDs that are sold worldwide.

Victoria Dodge is co­founder of Yoga Salt, a professional photographer, and a cooking expert. She has worked with companies such as Apple and celebrity clients such as James Cameron.
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