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Elke Schwarzer

Susanne Hansch


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128 pages
94 colour photographs
Paperback with flaps

How to combat 28 weeds or simply eat them up – 50 fresh wild herb recipes

Weeds – they come into our garden unasked, spread wildly and cost us a lot of time and nerves. This book shows you in a humorous fashion how you can get rid of these uninvited guests, or simply eat them up – because an amazing number of plants are also highly suitable as delicious wild herbs. And to be honest, if they’re already in your garden, they may as well make themselves useful in the kitchen! From nettle rissoles to hedge mustard taboulé with cranberries – with more than 50 recipes, you’ll be sure to find a herb that suits your taste buds. And who knows, after you’ve cooked them, you may no longer be calling them weeds at all!

Elke Schwarzer

Elke Schwarzer has a long-standing passion for plants and insects and has a degree in biology. Since 2010, she has been running a blog on gardening which she feeds with photos and stories about her little garden.

Susanne Hansch

lready as a child my eyes were directed to what grows on meadows and in the forest. My studies of folklore directed my attention to the food of the common people and the cancer of a friend to the value of wild plants for nutrition. My joy of teaching and writing was initially expressed in numerous children's learning books. Now I have written my first book with wild plant recipes.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger