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Mike Wolf


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Grow Your Drinks from the Ground Up

Garden to Glass is a dive into the movement and philosophy illustrating how to incorporate the natural world into the drinks we love to make, drink and share with friends. From the mint in mojitos to the wild botanicals in regional styles of gin, this book will explore the way bartenders, growers and distillers alike are re-shaping the way cocktails are being made, presented and consumed.

Learn how to grow your own herbs and vegetables, harvest herbs to make your own teas and tinctures, and make cordials, bitters and elixirs of all kinds, all while learning the basics of making drinks at home. Complete with recipes, striking photography and graphics, the book is as valuable a resource to bartenders and bar owners as it is to enthusiasts of the home bar.

Mike Wolf

Mike Wolf opened and established the bar program at Husk in Nashville, Tennessee and spent the next five years developing a hyper-seasonal and dynamic style of cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger