The Messages of the Trees


Tarots & Oracles

Antje Ohlhoff


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50 cards
Size: 89 x 127 mm
Including guidebook
112 pages

Impulses from our companions for everyday life

Advise and inspiration from continental-European trees Trees are fascinating beings as well as wise mentors. Sensing their energy is a wonderful and touching experience that brings you into profound contact with yourself. From apple tree and birch to Swiss stone pine and willow, this card deck features 25 native trees whose essential powers support you in releasing blockages, making important decisions, and finding orientation in life. In addition to the message of a specific tree as a whole, you will also receive that of its wood; this will help you in finding a balance on physical and mental level. The trees – deeply rooted and striving for the sky – will make your powers emerge!

Antje Ohlhoff

Dr Antje Ohlhoff had a special connection to wood and trees from childhood through her father, who was a carpenter. The university professor of mathematics and computer science has been on the spiritual path for 30 years. During trainings to become a systemic coach, an Oneness trainer and a spiritual teacher, her ability to communicate with trees became apparent. She uses this in meditations, workshops and consultations in her practice for coaching and energy work "KraftQuell" in Bielefeld.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger