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Ulrich Emil Duprée


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192 pages
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The ego is a mask that conceals our true self. It is that part of us which hesitates and voices misgivings as soon as we are ready to take on a new challenge and shuts down when we want to open up. It is the ego that is afraid of being embarrassed and belittled, of suffering a defeat or being excluded from others. Our true self – our soul – however, does not care about the worries of our mind – it just wants to thrive,  and to its true greatness and authentic expression. The many exercises in this book help us discern when the ego is speaking and when our soul. This way we can loosen the ego’s grip on us little by little – to  finally be fully ourselves. This means freedom, self-empowerment and ultimate fulillment. › being clear about the ego allows for genuine self-expression › simple and workable exercises suited for everyone › for all those willing to discover and pursue their soul’s path

Ulrich Emil Duprée

Ulrich Emil Duprée is a spiritually oriented entrepreneur, teacher, author and therapist. He studied philosophy and completed trainings in Yoga and metaphysics. From 2005 to 2008 he lived as a monk in a Hindu monastery. His bestseller “Ho’oponopono“, published by Schirner, has been released in the 34th edition!
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger