The Little Wild Women



Manja Wöhr

Windpferd Verlag

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128 pages
+ 18 coloured motif cards to detach
12.0 x 19.0 cm

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Tracking disliked behaviors and changing habits

The Little Wild Woman (LWW) is in each of us! LWW is a method for your personality development. Listen to your inner voice! She wants to go the way of the heart and that means: being authentic and true.

The Little Wild Woman asks you questions like: What do I really want? How can I perceive my own needs? What do I need to live a self-determined life? Self-liberation is a key theme, because without self-confidence, self-awareness and self-love, life is dominated by inner blocks. Awareness is en- hanced by letting go of these blockages and beliefs.

LWW helps uncover old patterns of behavior and break out of them with positive affirmations. Beautiful colourful motif cards are part of the LWW method and they can be detached from the book and hung up. Vivid examples show how simple and loving new thinking and action can be established. Be yourself! “The essential things in our life are not complicated. They are simple”.

Manja Wöhr

Manja Wöhr had two dreams as a child. She want- ed to go to Africa and become a painter - she realized both. After ten years abroad, six of them in Kenya, she initially practiced a down-to-earth profession, but her love of painting won out. So she quit her job as a management consultant and studied art. Since 2007, Manja Wöhr has been working as a freelance artist and art lecturer in vocational rehabilitation, where she works with wonderful people who, for various reasons, have been psy- chologically thrown off track. With this handbook, Manja wants to encourage other people to go their own way.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger