Radical Alignment


How to Have Game-Changing Conversations That Will Transform Your Business and Your Life


Alexandra Jamieson & Bob Gower

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A proven method to get your team unstuck and into alignment.

Why do so many organizations, teams, couples, families and other groups waste energy on unproductive conflict? Even when everyone has the same general goals, what’s often missing is a deeper alignment based on mutual trust, respect, and empathy. With Radical Alignment, top-level life and business coaches (and happily married couple!) Alexandra Jamieson and Bob Gower share their potent method for helping groups to stop clashing and start working together-to jump from “we can’t” to an enthusiastic “hell yes!”

Jamieson and Gower teach practical tools to help each member of a group skillfully express their core values, concerns, and highest hopes for any undertaking-building a foundation of understanding and respect that can support even the most ambitious goals. Their All-In Method starts with making the implicit explicit so collaborators are able to develop a foundation of empathy and trust. Radical Alignment brings you a “low-drama, high-joy” technique to transform the way you collaborate and communicate in every area of your life.

Alexandra Jamieson & Bob Gower

Alexandra Jamieson is a success coach for driven woman who has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Martha Stewart Show, and more. She was Elle magazine's lnspirational Coach in 2015, and was the co-creator of the Oscar­ nominated Super Size Me. Visit alexandrajamieson.com. Bob Gower helps organizations design and build future-ready systems. He is an authority on lean, agile, and responsive org design, and has worked with Ford, Spotify, GE, and many others. Visit bobgower.com. They are happily married and live in Brooklyn.
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