The humus revolution



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Stefan Schwarzer

Ute Scheub


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240 pages
Four-colour print including illustrations

The rapid degradation of soil and the rapid increase of carbon dioxide may look like two separate problems, but they are closely linked: we have too little carbon in the soil and too much in the atmosphere. »Back to the roots« is the motto to solving this! A global increase in humus of just one percent would suffice to reduce the CO2-content of the atmosphere to a safe level.

This sounds simple because it is. The necessary methods have been known for centuries and are currently experiencing a renaissance under labels such as Permaculture or Carbon Farming. Gardening with Terra Preta, plowing without a plow, controlling microbiotic processes or revitalization of the soil’s microbiota all these methods build up humus in the soil and thus enable the production of healthy food. From a global perspective, the »humus revolution« is the most important hope for global food security, as well as for combating climate extremes, poverty and migration. And the best thing is: everyone can help and start right away.

Stefan Schwarzer

This new book is co-authored by the geographer and expert on permaculture STEFAN SCHWARZER from the Eco-Village Tempelhof.

Ute Scheub

With her book on the wonders of the rainforest, Terra Preta, UTE SCHEUB has already caused furore. Now the political scientist and author of numerous other expert books presents yet another standard work that supplements and extends the bestseller »Terra Preta«.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger