The Greatest Lies in History, Volume III


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Frank Fabian


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357 pages
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Priest Tricks and Secrets of the Gods

As in Volumes I and II of the series “The Greatest Lies in History”, falsifications, distortions and twists in historiography are once again unmasked and exposed. The examples come from different cultural backgrounds.

In this volume, especially priestly big lies are taken to heart.



○ Which priestly finesses existed in ancient Egypt and the ancient Rom? How did the Egyptian and Roman priests and seers manipulate their faithful?


○ What is the secret of the Oracle of Delphi and what were the priestly tricks of the ancient Greeks characterized by?


○ Who were the true authors of the Old Testament and the secret sources of the Bible?

Even today there is a false attribution of authorship. In some cases the authors copied from earlier holy books. Which books?

What exact techniques did the Bible writers of the Old and New Testaments use?


Which three historical great lies run through the entire Middle Ages? The influence of the priests was also enormous in the Middle Ages. The whole of the Middle Ages is based on three lies told by priests. What are these lies?


○ What are the three secrets of the mysterious Knights Templar, who were monk and fighting machine at the same time? Who was the most murderous Christian warrior caste that ever existed in the Middle Ages? Who indoctrinated and manipulated them?


○ What are the falsifications of history in relation to Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa?

Many biographies of emperors of the Middle Ages were falsified – also by priest authors. One example: the vita of Friedrich Barbarossa. What was concealed? And in what respect must one completely rethink in relation to Frederick Barbarossa?


○ When and how did human language, oral language and written language, originate? And what was the role of priests in the development of the written language?


○ In what ways did Voltaire succeed in putting a stop to priestly superstition and turning an entire era inside out? What is the most intimate, carefully guarded secret of priests of all religions?

Frank Fabian

Frank Fabian (pen name) studied German language and literature, history and philosophy at the universities of Würzburg and Frankfurt.After his state examination Fabian worked as a television journalist for ZDF, various editorial offices (Drehscheibe, Heute, Länderspiegel, ZDF-Magazin) and created around 200 short films.Parallel to this Fabian worked for the ZDF-editing department for a whileand for the Hessischer Rundfunk, where he reported on many subjects about the day-to-day politics of the state of Hessen.From 1982 to 1985, Fabian held the function of editor-in-chief at a publishing house in Wiesbaden and created two magazines.In 1985 Fabian had a spectacular success while with the Norman Rentrop-Verlag (later renamed as Publishing house for the German industry). His book: How to become an independent Realtor became the publisher's biggest success ever and a super bestseller.Fabian wrote many books for the Rentrop-Verlag. In 1987 Fabian's published books were put on the Rentrop-Verlags internal best seller list -holding positions 1, 2, 4 and 5 simultaneously. And thus, Fabian was the publishing house's most successful author and its Nr. 1.As a result numerous publishers approached the bestselling author for a cooperation. Fabian wrote, among other things, books for these publishers: Heyne-Verlag, Falken-Verlag, Eichborn-Verlag, Möwe-Verlag, Engels-Verlag, Verlag moderne Industrie.His book Money, creating assets, saving taxes, was another spectacular bestseller, it was published by the Heyne-Verlag, Germany's largest paperback publisher. It sold 20,000 copies in its first month alone, many editions followed.Today Fabian is published by 24 publishing houses in Germany and abroad. His books appear in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Poland, and Russia. Fabian emigrated to the United States of America in 2004.Thomas Tryzna, Ph.D, professor for English at the Seattle Pacific University, evaluated Fabian`s entire work, reviewing 700 pages of press reports, confirmations from leading politicians and documentation material from experts on Fabian. He confirmed that Mr. Fabian is "widelyknown, honored and successful, both from the sides of criticism and in economic terms." Fabian received a US visa on the grounds of "exceptional proficiency". A Green Card.Each year new books were published under a total of seven pen-names now. Fabian again and again scaled various bestseller lists. For example, in 2015 and 2016 eight books by Fabian were published making it on to 20 different bestseller lists, on 7 lists they reached the number 1 position.Fabian has received many awards for his 150+ published books.In his novels as well as in his non-fiction books, Fabian devotes himself to human rights, tolerance and spiritual values. Some institutes for continuing teacher training and curriculum development recommended his books as textbooks for mainstream schools, colleges, for students, trainers and teachers, for the subjects of economy, law, ethics, history, and social studies
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