Populism for Beginners



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Nina Horaczek

Walter Ötsch


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256 pages

A manual to tempt the masses
At its core, right-wing populism has some very easy mechanisms: It is “Us against Them”. The book explains the inner workings of the language, the methods, and the organisation of populist leaders and their parties in a clear and eye-opening fashion. Ultimately, the schemes and the codes of become plainly visible and enable you to successfully debunk and oppose right-wing idiots.


Nina Horaczek

Nina Horaczek is the chief editor of the Austian weekly Falter. She frequently writes on right-wing populism and is the author of "Against Prejudice: How to Coquer stupid Accusations with Good Arguments" (2015).

Walter Ötsch

Walter Ötsch teaches Economics and cultural history at the Cusanus University. His latest book, "Haider Light" (2000) on Austrian populist Joerg Haider became bestseller.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger